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Commenting System

As there are many spam comments even I have set up captcha, I have changed that comments can only be left by members until I have found another practical solutions. So, if you want to leave a comment, you must register first.

New Album: Fan Comics

When collecting the fanarts of the Vampire Chronicles from the internet, I have found that there are some comics drawn by the fans. I really enjoy reading these comics, so create a new album for it. Please do visit this new album, the comics are very good and interesting. I will upload more later.

400 Resources

Just re-opened TVCORC for around 1 week, already have reached 400 resources. It proves the piwigo script is useful and efficient. And I will keep uploading the resources as still many waiting on hand.

Come back by Piwigo

TVCORC firstly was built by Joomla in 2006, then WordPress in 2010, and now 2015 is returned via Piwigo, a gallery script. It allows not only to view the resources, and also to comment, rate and download. For the admin side, it allows batch upload and edit. This script seems to be perfect to handle hundreds of the collected resources. So be patient, all the resources are coming back.