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Script Review

As I am not a programmer and I do not have much knowledge on programming. I found free scripts on the internet for my site building. Unfortunately, some installed scripts have faded out and no version upgrade after years.

One of the scripts I used is FanUpdate, that is a blog script for multi-sites. I have used for years as site news. It is useful but it is really not user-friendly when removing spams (no batch removal function). I have got fed up with removing the spams one by one or removed them in phpMyAdmin. So, I have decided to use another script.

After searching on the internet, not many scripts fit to my requirements, i.e, light and can be embeded in multi-sites. I have given a try on Cutenews, but unfortunately, I cannot login to the dashboard after several repeated installations. Finally, I install WordPress, which I have used for my personal blog for years. Though it is not light, but it is well-maintained and able to manage the blog for multi-sites.

So, our update blog has been back again!

The Vampire Coven Online Resource Centre

Sorry for being idle for such a long time. Luckily, our sites are still alive.

Recently, I have planned to change the hosting service due to the issue of IP frequent change. However, I have encountered some script problems when switching host and causing errors. Therefore, I have a detailed review on the installed scripts.

The script causing errors is from one of our sites, TVC Online Resource Centre, for displaying the resource at The Dark Heaven and The Vampire Coven. I cannot fix the errors, so I only can remove it. And I think it is hard to maintain TVC Online Resource Centre under WordPress, I have decided to close it. Probably, the resource stuff will appear at The Dark Heaven but I really need more time to think on it.


The adaptations to the work of Anne Rice has been completed. I am quite surprised that there are so many comics have been released. The covers of the comics are very beautiful. I am very looking forward to the comics of Interview with the Vampire: Claudia’s Story. It will be released in Nov 2012.

Layout Revamped

When planning about the coming content, I just think the original layout is not user-friendly enough. So, I base on the existing design and do a revamp. By adding a menu tree at the left, I hope it helps the visitors to browse the site easier. I love the icons of the tree menu, bats, fangs and tombs. And with a wider layout, the content, usually in long paragraphs, can be displayed in a more tidy way. Moreover, I have re-grouped the content for some sections.

Meanwhile, 2 new pages have been added. They are about the vampire Marius and this site. Enjoy!

New content is coming!

I am re-reading the books of Anne Rice and still get deeply addicted to the characters. Though many websites of Anne Rice have been gone offline, I wish I can keep mine alive. And actually I have many ideas in my mind and I am squeezing time for putting them in action. So, hopefully new content is coming!

Meanwhile, you can feel free to visit my other websites of Anne Rice:

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